Warden of Raal is a game my team created for our Senior Capstone project at Columbia College in Unity. As the Lead Environment Artist for the project, my responsibilities included asset creation, particle effects, establishing a pipeline, collaboration with the Level Designers on lighting and level layout, and managing the environment team.

The middle Tier, shown first, is an abandoned ceremonial space in a cave beneath the jungle. In this shot I created the ziggurat backdrop, particle effects, lighting, floor tiles, terrain textures, statues, foliage and vines, lighting, and the thin wall pieces.

The top Tier of Warden of Raal is an abandoned temple ruin in an overgrown jungle. In this shot I created the tall columns, floor tiles, terrain textures, walls, and had significant input on the lighting, shadows and overall aesthetic.

The bottom Tier is a frozen cavern beneath everything. In this shot I created the tall columns, the statues, frozen vines and foliage. I also collaboratively worked on the particle effects, lighting, and layout.

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Warden of Raal

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